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Treatment of Valve Leakage(Part 2)

Jul. 15, 2020

Sealing surface leakage

the reason:

1. The sealing surface is unevenly ground and cannot form a close line;

2. The top of the connection between the valve stem and the closing piece is suspended, incorrect or worn;

3. The valve stem is bent or the assembly is not correct so that the closing piece is skewed or out of alignment;

4. The quality of the sealing surface material is not selected properly or the valve is not selected according to the working conditions. Our company provides a dual plate check valve.

Dual Plate Check Valve

Maintenance method:

1. Select the material and type of the gasket according to the working conditions;

2. Careful adjustment and smooth operation;

3. The bolts should be tightened evenly and symmetrically. If necessary, a torque wrench should be used. The pretension should meet the requirements, and it should not be too large or small. There should be a certain pre-tightening gap between the flange and the thread connection;

4. The gasket assembly should be aligned and aligned evenly, and the stress is uniform. The gasket is not allowed to overlap and use double gaskets;

5. The static sealing surface is corroded, damaged, and the processing quality is not high. Repair, grinding, and color inspection should be performed to make the static sealing surface meet the relevant requirements;

6. Please pay attention to clean when installing the gasket, the sealing surface should be cleaned with kerosene, and the gasket should not fall to the ground.

Leakage at the seal joint

the reason:

1. The sealing ring is not rolled tightly;

2. The sealing ring is welded to the body, and the quality of the surfacing is poor;

3. The connection thread, screw and pressure ring of the seal ring are loose;

4. The sealing ring is connected and corroded.

Maintenance method:

1. Leakage at the sealing and rolling place should be injected with adhesive and then fixed by rolling;

2. The sealing ring should be repaired in accordance with the welding specifications. When the surfacing cannot be repaired, the original surfacing and processing should be removed;

3. Remove the screws and wash the pressure ring, replace the damaged parts, grind the sealing surface of the seal and the connecting seat, and reassemble. Corrosion damage to large parts can be repaired by welding, bonding, etc.;

4. The connection surface of the seal ring is corroded, and it can be repaired by grinding, bonding, etc., and the seal ring should be replaced when it cannot be repaired.

The above information is provided by China marine valve manufacturer.


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