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How to make the check valve work for a long time?

Mar. 02, 2020

Check valve is the control part in the pipeline fluid conveying system. It is used to change the cross-section of the passage and the direction of medium flow. Check valve is inevitable damage under long-term work, but it may be longer if we maintain it. China Marine valve manufacturer shares 13 small details to pay attention to, make your check valve last longer.

1. Pay attention to the storage environment of check valve, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage should be blocked.

2. The check valve should be inspected regularly, and the dirt on it should be removed, and anti-rust oil should be applied on its surface.

3. Install the check valve after application, and perform regular maintenance on it to ensure its normal operation.

4. Check whether the sealing surface of the check valve is worn and repair or replace it according to the situation.

5. Check the trapezoidal thread of the valve stem and the stem nut for wear, whether the packing is out of date and so on, and make necessary replacements.

Check Valves

6. The sealing performance of the check valve should be tested to ensure its performance.

7. The check valve in operation should be intact, the bolts on the flange and the bracket are complete, the threads are not damaged, and there is no loosening.

8. If the handwheel is lost, it should be equipped in time, and it cannot be replaced with a live wrench.

9. Packing glands are not allowed to skew or have no pre-tensioning gap.

10. If the check valve is used in a harsh environment and is susceptible to contamination by rain, snow, dust, sand, etc., a protective cover should be installed for the valve stem.

11. The scale on the stainless steel check valve should be kept complete, accurate and clear, and the seal and cap of the check valve.

12. The insulation jacket should be free of dents and cracks.

13. Non-return valve in operation, avoid knocking on it or supporting heavy objects.

After 13 little tips, do you all know? In fact, check valves used for fluid control range from the simplest globe valve to the various check valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems. There are many varieties and specifications. Valves for industrial pipelines up to 10m in diameter. Check valve can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as water, steam, oil, gas, mud, various corrosive media, liquid metals, and radioactive fluids.

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