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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing a Check Valve Before Or After The Outlet Valve?

Jan. 10, 2020

Today the China check valve Manufacturer talks with you about the check valve installation position. So how to determine the installation position of the check valve? What is the difference between the front of the pump and the check valve after the pump, and where is the front of the pump suitable?

The check valve must be installed at the pump outlet and in front of the outlet control valve in order to access the check valve. Generally, the first outlet of the pump is a soft connection (shock absorber), followed by a check valve, and then a shut-off valve (such as a butterfly valve, a gate valve, a stop valve, etc.).

Silent Check Valve

1.Install check valve first and then gate or butterfly valve

Advantages: It can protect the check valve, especially in parallel pumps. When one pump is not started, its outlet door is closed, and when the other pump is started, the impact force is borne by the gate valve or butterfly valve. After the check valve fails, the inlet and outlet valve isolation system can be closed for repair.

Disadvantage: Who will protect the gate valve or butterfly valve? There has been a case in which the valve plate of the butterfly valve was damaged.

2.Install gate valve or butterfly valve first and then check valve

Advantages: It can protect the butterfly valve or gate valve, and the impact force is borne by the check valve.

Disadvantages: Whoever protects the check valve, the check valve is opened and closed by the pressure difference. If the pressure of the main pipe is high, it will be closed, and the pump pressure will be high. Affects the check valve life. And the check valve is broken, especially the mother control system, which needs to be shut down before repairs can be made.

Generally speaking, due to the frequent opening and closing of check valves, the internal connection parts, and sealing components are prone to damage. In order to facilitate the repair and prevent the entire system from being shut down due to check valve failure, from this perspective, check valves The valve will be installed before the outlet gate or butterfly valve.

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