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  • Pneumatic actuator double/single acting
  • Pneumatic actuator double/single acting
  • Pneumatic actuator double/single acting

Pneumatic actuator double/single acting

Material: Stainless Steel

Pressure: High pressure

Avaliable size: DN15~100

Media: water

Product Description


ActuatorDouble or single acting pneumatic actuator
ConnectionDN40 T type KLQD brand pneumatic operated stainless steel 3 way pneumatic control valve
FluidAir, water, steam, oil, waste water treatment
Actuator pressure0.3-0.8MPa

Product Dimensions


Full conformance to the specifications of: ISO5211, DIN3337, VDI/VDE3845, NAMUR.
The extruded high strength aluminum bodies are precision honed and hard anodized yielding an internal bore surface that can provide low coefficient of friction, smooth performance and a long service life.
All acting surfaces are fitted with high quality bearings, resulting in low friction, quite and high cycle life.
The two independent external travel stop adjustment bolts can easily and precisely adjust up to ±5º at both open and closed directions.
Multifunction position indicator with NAMUR standard is convenient for mounting accessories.
Pre-compressed load springs are convenient for safe mounting and disassemble operations.
Die-casted aluminum pistons and end caps are high strength and light weight.
Optional Viton and Silicone seals are available for low and high temperature applications.


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