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hand lever

Sizes: 2" - 48"

Material: Ductile Iron/ Cast Iron

Pressure range:1.0-1.6 

Connection: screw

Can be customized according to customer needs

Product Description

1. Compact and light, easy to assemble and repair, and can be installed at any position.

2. Structure is simple and compact, the operation torque is small, and the 90 degree rotation opens quickly.

3. Flow characteristic tends to straight line and has good regulation performance.

4. Sizes from DN40-DN250. Available in malleabl steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc. materials


Product Dimensions


Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
Nominal Pressure  PN (MPa)1.0~1.6

Nominal Pressure (MPa)

Sealign Test1.1~1.76


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