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  • Electric Actuator for Gas
  • Electric Actuator for Gas
  • Electric Actuator for Gas

Electric Actuator for Gas

Power: Electric

Pressure: Medium Pressure

Certificate: CE approved electric actuator

Stroke time: 3~60S

Torgue: 2000N.m

Product Description

Output torque 50Nm100Nm160Nm300Nm600Nm1250Nm2500Nm4000Nm
Rated travel time20S15S/30S30S/60S100S100S100S
Rotation angle0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°0°-90°
Working current 0.25A0.48A0.68A0.8A1.2A2A2A2.7A
Starting power 0.25A0.48A0.72A0.86A1.38A2.3A2.3A3A
Motor power 10W/F25W/F30W/F40W/F90W/F100W/F120W/F140W/F
Power AC220V,   AC24V,   AC110V ,  AC220 ,   AC380,  DC24V (choose options)
Input signal4-20mA 
Output signal4-20mA 
Inbreaking protection IP65/IP67
Installation angle360° any angle
Electrical Interperationone G1/2 CNCO,one Power cord connection port,one signal wire connection port
Ambient humidity  -30°C  to +60°C
Pilot circuit optionA:with limit position switch style (standard)
B: with neutral position switch style ( passive contact)
C:with potentiometer style
D: both potentiometer and neutral position switch style
E: with control module style 
F: DC motor control circuit style
G:Three-phase current 380V control circuits style
H:Three-phase current 380V, both neutral position switch and potentiometer style

Product Dimensions



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